Sayonara, 2007 Honda GL1800A Gold Wing

Lordy, lordy, lordy!  What have I done??

My trusty 2007 Honda GL1800A Gold Wing is gone.  Hopefully to a good home and an owner who will appreciate that this is arguably the finest luxury touring motorcycle the world has ever seen.

The Wing has been in my stable for four years, and truth be told, of all the motorcycles – and there have been many – that have occupied my garage, the GL1800A will probably be the best of all.

Every motorcycle I’ve owned evokes great memories.  The Gold Wing will be fondly remembered for one trip from Edmonton to Chicago a couple of years ago with good friend David Leeb, riding a Triumph Tiger 1050.  We were following the historic Lincoln Highway,  riding towards Laramie, Wyoming .

Laramie is at high altitude – 7165 ft. and the Wing’s thermometer was displaying a bone-chilling 4 degrees Celsius.  To make matters worse, it was raining.

Traveling  to the United States in June (and being naively Canadian), I was expecting hot weather and brought only mesh riding pants.  It’s times like this a luxury touring motorcycle is  worth its weight in gold.  I had the heated grips turned on to Max, the seat heater was cranked up and the  hot air vents (often ridiculed by my BMW friends) wide open, allowing a stream of engine heated air on to my legs.

Honestly, I wasn’t toasty warm, but the entire Gold Wing package makes me admire to this day Honda’s brilliant engineering capabilities.  With the Wing’s superb design, I could continue riding in those frigid conditions in relative comfort for hours.

I’m going to miss that Gold Wing.  I consider it to be the S-Class Mercedes-Benz of the motorcycle world.


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