Photon Cruise 2 Throttle Lock

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Cruise control is a major feature sorely missing on the new 2012 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX.  Triumph has brilliantly trumped even the mighty BMW R1200GS in this regard by equipping the new 2012 Tiger Explorer with electronic cruise control as standard equipment.

We poor Stelvio owners are among the many motorcyclists who can’t get a factory cruise control setup on their machines, so the aftermarket comes to the rescue.

We tested the Photon Cruise 2 throttle locking device, a blindingly simple piece of gear.  It’s a V-shaped friction device that slips over the handlebar and rests against the brake lever.  At your desired cruising speed, simply hold the throttle with three fingers and with your index finger push the Photon until it contacts the brake lever.  That’s it.  Friction holds the throttle in position, and closing the throttle overcomes the unit’s ability to grip the throttle.

It’s simple and effective way to give your throttle hand and wrist a welcome break during long periods of steady state cruising.

Most of the major powersports dealers in the city were sold out of this handy accessory, but I found this one at United Cycle.  It comes in two finishes – faux turned aluminum like the one tested here (think ’60s-era Ferrari!) and black plastic, and in two sizes – for ‘normal’ motorcycles with 7/8-in. handlebars and a 1-in. size for cruisers.

Price:  I paid full retail (my cheapskate father would choke!), $19.99 CDN.  Highly recommended.

Installation:  For the Stelvio NTX, requires an allen wrench to remove the bolt holding the handguard to the bar end, slip the provided silicone O-ring over the grip, clamp device on to O-ring, re-attach handguard.  Takes less than 5 minutes for even me, the mechanical klutz.


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