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The Navajo Mug cafe, Longview, Alberta

I like pie.  No, make that, I LOVE pie!

In fact, I’ve even considered ordering a vanity licence plate for my motorcycle that reads, “PIE”.

Even though I’ve been riding one of Alberta’s most scenic roads for years, Highway 22, otherwise known as The Cowboy Trail, I’ve only just ‘discovered’ the Navajo Mug cafe in Longview (near Kananaskis Country) this year.

Go for the pie.  June is the main person behind the counter and she makes all the cafe’s pies.

In 2003, I rode a new Honda ST1300A from Edmonton to Victoria, BC then across Canada to St. John’s, NL with my friend Ian who had just retired.  We decided one of our objectives of the trip was to find the best blueberry pie in Canada.

On that trip, we found THAT blueberry pie at the McKenzie Inn, on the Trans-Canada Highway just east of Thunder Bay.

Well, June’s blueberry pie at the Navajo Mug ranks right up there with the best of them.  I’ve done two big motorcycle trips already this year to the United States and outbound/inbound tours have had me riding through Longview.  I’ve stopped at the Navajo Mug four times this year for pie and haven’t been disappointed yet.  June’s blueberry pie is exceptional and her pumpkin pecan pie is a soft, non-fruit pie that demands a dollop of ice cream to ensure you get your minimum daily serving of dairy product.

The Navajo Mug is a small, cozy cafe with some outdoor seating, and one of my favourite stops in Southern Alberta.

The Navajo Mug Cafe
140 Morrison Road
Longview, Alberta

More later.  See you back here soon.

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