6 weeks of ownership. 10,245 kilometre update

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Photo:  Aug.5, 2012 – Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX aboard North America’s longest free ferry service, from Balfour to Crawford Bay, British Columbia.  Homeward bound from the 2012 MRT Canada motorcycle rally held at Toad Rock Campground.

I rolled into my driveway at 7:00 PM yesterday (Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012) and the 6-week old Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX’s odometer is showing 10,245 kilometres.  OK, the Stelvio is actually 6 weeks plus 1 day old, but I’ve racked up the miles on this big, Italian adventure-tourer faster than on any bike I’ve owned previously (including a 2007 Honda Gold Wing GL1800A, 2004 BMW R1150RT, 2003 Honda ST1300A and 1997 Honda ST1100A.)

This new monster trailie seems to compel me to get out there and ride more than any bike I’ve owned previously.  Like my friend Rick said, “Every ride on a Moto Guzzi is an adventure.”  (To which he added, “That’s because on a Guzzi, you never know if you’ll actually reach your destination.”  Ok, Rick was kidding when he said that.

Still, this bike is a ton o’ fun.  It’s V-twin engine is delight to power through the gears, even at a leisurely pace.  The exhaust note is a pleasure to the ear.  And like any recreational product, riding the big, black Stelvio is just plain fun and, obviously, a world different than going out for a spin on the now gone Gold Wing.

Service – the Stelvio’s booked for its 10,000 kilometre service and the Pirelli Scorpion Trail rear tire is down to the wear bars and will be replaced by a Michelin Anakee 2.

Oil consumption.  None.  I’m really surprised.  The Stelvio hasn’t used any oil to this point.  Does that mean (gasp!) that the Guzzi V-twin is manufactured to tighter tolerances than the BMW flat-twin, which, in my experience, consumed about 200 c.c.s of oil between oil changes until it was ‘broken in’ at 20,000 kms, after which it stopped using oil?

More later.  See you back here soon.

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