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Pirelli Scorpion Trail – 10,310 kilometres

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The OEM Pirelli Scorpion Trail rear tire on the Stelvio 1200 NTX is worn out at 10,310 km.  That’s not bad, considering the tire endured quite high, sustained speeds in temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit during our July trip through Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Scorpion Trail never gave me a moment of uncertainty, whether leaned over hard on through Montana’s Bear Tooth Pass or in torrential rain.  It was always consistent, sure-footed and predictable, at least for me who is not a knee-dragging rider.

However, a friend of mine is a knee-dragger and regularly participates in track days at a local raceway.  He LOVES the Pirelli Scorpion Trail and his only complaint, echoed by owners on Internet, is that they’re soft and wear quickly.

The front Scorpion will stay on the bike and in typical motorcycle fashion, looks as though it is worn about half way, thereby adhering to the 2-to-1 wear ratio of rear tire to front tire that most motorcycle tires seem to exhibit.

I’ve selected the Michelin Anakee2 as a new replacement tire and owners are reporting longevity of about 16,000 kilometres, significantly longer than the Scorpion Trail, and also saying the Anakee is a good wet weather and pavement tire.

We shall see.

More later.  See you back here soon.

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