Frank’s Steak and Schnitzel Haus, Cranbrook, B.C.

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Frank’s is one of my favourite restaurants on the planet.

After four years of raving about this family run schnitzel house to Ingrid, I finagled a road trip and took her there.  Ingrid typically likes nothing, but Frank’s schnitzels impressed mightily.  (And yes, Ingrid is of German origin.)  She agrees that dinner at Frank’s was among the best we had during our two week vacation.

If you plan on dining at Frank’s, bring a voracious appetite.  I normally recommend the ‘half’ orders, even to my biggest and burliest motorcycle friends, and even then, they end up waddling out of the restaurant, groaning.

I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel (pork, with a light, crispy breading, garnished with a white mushroom cream sauce) and Ingrid ordered a chicken schnitzel (unusual in that it was WITHOUT breading), and both were superb.  Both schnitzels were perfectly cooked – juicy and tender.  I also ordered a bowl of goulash that arrived with 3/4-1-in. cubes of tender beef, loaded with spaetzle (small, German dumplings), potatoes and carrots, with (what I think) was an infusion of Hungarian sweet paprika.  We shared the large bowl of goulash (I expected one of those tiny ‘appetizer’-size bowls, but a large bowl arrived) and it was a perfect complement to our entrees.

Of course, you must reserve room for dessert – strudel, of course.  My friend Gary has toured the Alps by motorcycle on several occasions and once made a valiant effort to find the best strudel in those Swiss/German/Italian mountains, ordering it at every stop.  Gary says the very best strudel he found was served floating in a bowl of warm vanilla custard.

Frank’s strudel matches that level of caloric decadence in spirit – it’s served warm with stripe of warm custard, a ball of vanilla ice cream, and a dollop of whip cream garnishing the plate.

This was my second visit to Frank’s in the past month, and all the folks I’ve taken there (some from as far away as England) have agreed that this is one of the best restaurants they’ve ever eaten at.

Frank’s is a true “Destination Restaurant.”  Make an effort to go there.  You won’t be disappointed.

Frank’s Steak and Schnitzel Haus, 1617 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook, BC

(250) 489-3362


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