Kimberly, B.C. – city sports Bavarian architecture and pedestrian-friendly centre

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Kimberly has a couple claims to fame.

First, it purports to be one of Canada’s highest cities (1,113m).  Second, the town’s business centre sports a Bavarian theme linked by a broad, pedestrian mall.  The look is cute, quaint, and small.

And therein lies Kimberly’s biggest disadvantage as a tourist town trying to lure cash-spending tourists with its looks.  Kimberly is a small place trying to compete with the likes of other similar ‘theme’ towns like Leavenworth, WA. which, although much smaller in population (1,965 pop.) has a much more expansive street system and many more buildings with Bavarian architectural detail, or Joseph, OR., (1,081 pop.) which has a cowboy/western theme concentrated densely in a few block faces, but has numerous bronze sculptures on every main street block to wow tourists.  Kimberly doesn’t have Leavenworth’s sheer number of Bavarian style buildings, nor does it have unique attractions like Joseph’s superb bronze sculptures.

Still, Kimberly is worth a visit just to see the unusual Bavarian-inspired building facades.  As for food, it seems every restaurant offers schnitzel.  We didn’t dare try any after having been spoiled at Frank’s Steak and Schnitzel Haus in Cranbrook.  We grabbed a quick lunch at a local bakery.  The fare was disappointingly ‘serviceable’ and the strudel unremarkable.


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