Radium Hot Springs, B.C.

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Radium is a place I normally ride my motorcycle through, heading for the twisting roads of southern B.C. or Idaho.  This year was different.  We packed up our old Mercedes and ventured out on a Stop and Smell the Roses road trip.  And for the first time, we made a soak stop at the Radium hot springs.

This is a worthwhile visit.  It’s affordable ($6.30 admission per adult; seniors 65+ and youth 3-17 admission $5.40) and you can rent towels, bathing suits and anything else you might need.  On the late June Wednesday afternoon we were there, the place was nearly empty, so lockers were plentiful.  The facilities are clean, and if you’re put off by the rotten egg, sulpher smell of the Banff hot springs, fear not.  Radium’s hot springs doesn’t have that stinky odour.

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A half-hour soak was optimal for us (and most folks.)  The main hot spring pool has a hot bath-like 39C (104F) temperature, and it’s very relaxing especially if you’re suffering from aches and pains caused by long hours in the car or on the saddle of a motorcycle.  Or if you’re just plain old.  There’s also a cooler 29C (84F) pool for swimming.

We met two motorcyclists from Oregon, one on a KTM 990 Adventure and his buddy on a BMW K1200RS.  They’d been fighting high winds and heavy rain for much of the day and decided a good soak in the hot springs was what the doctor ordered to loosen them up to finish their trip to Nelson, B.C. where they were meeting up with a crew of other motorcyclists.

This is a nice facility, and it’s inexpensive.



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