The Panhandler Restaurant & Bakery, Sandpoint, ID


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I’ve raved about the Panhandler Restaurant & Bakery for years to anybody who travels to Idaho.  Normally, we’re on our motorcycles, heading south after overnighting in Cranbrook, B.C. so the stop is for early morning breakfast or a mid-day coffee and pie.

On this stop, we lodged in Sandpoint and tried the Panhandler for a supper meal.

The good news is it’s a good value.  I ordered the BBQ ‘Special’ – four chunks of bbq pork, steamed vegetable ‘side’, and choice of a slice of pie, all for $8.99  The order arrived promptly, and it was served with one of THE BEST pieces of cornbread I’ve ever had.  As good, in fact, as my own (based on a recipe from our friend, Debbie who hails from Texas and gave us her Aunt Wanda’s Famous Texas Cornbread recipe, or so I’ve named it.)  The Panhandler’s cornbread is softer, finer grained and sweeter than Aunt Wanda’s. This cornbread recipe has been a huge success any time I make it, which is quite often.)

The pork is served with a bbq sauce that is too ‘ketchupy’ for my liking, and the blueberry pie, normally what I order, disappoints, with too much starch in its filling.  Maybe the time of year is wrong for superb blueberry pie; it’s late June.

Overall, our supper is serviceable.  I’ll still recommend the Panhandler, but for its breakfast menu and normally, outstanding pies.

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  1. Do you have the recipe for the panhandlers cornbread? I used to live in cocolalla Idaho and I miss that cornbread so much! Would you mind emailing me it if you do have it? I would forever be grateful!!
    Kim Campbell

    • Sorry, Kim, I don’t have the recipe to their delicious cornbread. You might try contacting the folks at the Panhandler directly, and let us know if get it.


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