Calderas Restaurant and Store, Joseph, Oregon

Calderas Restaurant, Joseph, OR

Calderas Restaurant, Joseph, OR

Calderas Lava Lounge and Mercantile came highly recommended by a local County Sheriff.  This restaurant is located in Joseph, OR, a picturesque town in eastern rural Oregon. With barely more than 1,000 residents, tourism is a mainstay for the town, and this combined restaurant and retail operation aims for the tourist market.

The business is eclectic.  At the front of the operation is a bar and small dining area.  Towards the rear and upstairs is an unusual mix of tasteful antiques for sale and an interesting mix clothing, mainly for women and children.  So, you can sit down, peruse the menu, place your order, then go wander around and shop.

Our county sheriff assured us Calderas had the best kitchen in town, but the day we visited, the back of the house was obviously having some difficulties.

I ordered a Mikeys Killer Parmesan Chicken, a rosemary garlic chicken served with a baguette ($15.00); the kitchen forgot the baguette, and I had to ask for it.  Ingrid ordered the Rosemary Chicken Sandwich ($11.95) that was supposed to come with a slice of provlone cheese.  When the sandwich arrived, no cheese.  Still, we had to agree that for both of our meals, the chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked.  Too bad the restaurant did not deliver what they had advertised.

Caldera Lava Lounge and Mercantile, 300 N Lake St, Joseph, OR; 541-432-0585

Closed on Tuesday.



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