Piggyback BBQ Restaurant, Whitefish, Montana

Piggyback BBQ restaurant, Whiftefish, Montana

Piggyback BBQ restaurant, Whiftefish, Montana

“That ain’t no way to treat people.  That sure ain’t no hospitality you’d get in Texas.”  The two Texans coming out of the Piggyback BBQ were spitting mad.  I had wanted to ask them how their meal was, but decided to let them get into their pickup and cool off.

Ingrid and I had spotted the Piggyback BBQ while exploring the back roads of Whitefish on our way up to see the ski resort.  We agreed that this was a new restaurant we’d like t try.

Piggyback BBQ is a very small restaurant, and on the Wednesday evening we dined there, the place was jammed.

The slow service the Texans were hot under the collar about was because Piggyback got sideswiped by the ‘perfect storm’ in the restaurant business – a solitary server on duty, a lone cook brand new to the eatery, and an unusual crush (for a Wednesday, generally a ‘slow’ night) of customers.

Every table was occupied, but customers seemed really happy.

“I can’t take your order for at least thirty minutes”, said the server as she rushed past, carrying plates stacked with smoked meat and fixings.

The bar at the front of the tiny restaurant was empty, save for a single patron nursing a beer.

“I’ve been coming here for years, and I’ve never seen it this busy on a Wednesday night”, said the man.  “Usually, it’s just me and perhaps a couple of other customers.”

The customer was a long time resident of Whitefish, and he’s been a weekly Piggyback customer for many years.

Despite the server’s warning of a long wait, the food came remarkably fast, in about thirty minutes, quite a feat given the restaurant’s impossible situation.  We spent that time learning from our bar stool neighbour how Whitefish had changed since he’d moved to the resort fifteen years ago.

Our server was very quick, efficient and cheerful despite being run off her feet.  And she made a point to compliment the new cook, who was whipping out one dish after another at blazing speed.

Piggyback BBQ's 3 Meat Platter ($15 USD).  We chose smoked sausage, beef brisket and pulled pork

Piggyback BBQ’s 3 Meat Platter ($15 USD). We chose smoked sausage, beef brisket and pulled pork

I ordered the 3-Meat BBQ Platter ($15 USD) that included smoked sausage, beef brisket and pulled pork with smokey baked beans and buffalo chips as the sides.  There are 1- and 2-meat platters ($13, $14 USD respectively.)    The food was superb.  The sausage had a rich, smoke flavour, the pulled pork was soft and moist, and the beef brisket was served in thick slices.

The Piggyback BBQ rates as a Destination Diner.  Highly recommended.

Piggyback BBQ, 102 Wisconsin Ave  Whitefish, Mt; Tel.: 406-863-9895



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