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I love pizza.  Doesn’t everybody?

I especially like Chicago-style deep dish pizza, thick with ooey-gooey cheese.  I’m not such a big fan of thin crust pizza, but our outing yesterday in near blizzard conditions to the new West End outlet of the Italian Centre Shop, totally changed my mind.

My recent experiences with thin crust pizza have been at Famosa restaurants, where speed of food delivery is outstanding. Their thin crust pizza typically arrives within a blazing ten minutes from the time one places one’s order.  And while their pizza has been ok, it’s not something I’d ride my motorbike an hour for just to dine there.

The Italian Centre’s thin crust pizza is a whole ‘nother ball of wax.  They have a trendy little dining area that serves pizza, goods from their on-site bakery and coffee.

All the pizza served is thin crust and we ordered a Diavola with tomato sauce, mozzarella, red and yellow peppers, and spicy Calabrese sausage ($11.00.)  And of course, for me, nothing goes better with pizza than Italian-brand soft drink Orangina, which is much less sweet and tangier than, say, Orange Crush.  Ingrid ordered a double Macchiatto coffee ($3.50); it was outstanding.

When the pizza is ready, a server calls out your number, we wave a hand from our table, and the server brings the piping hot dish.

Ingrid is one of the few people in the world for whom pizza is not at the top of their list of favourite foods, but Ingrid agrees the Diavola pizza we’re munching on is superb.  Initially, I was disappointed to see the paper thin slices of Calabrese sausage; I lean towards ‘hearty’ dining, but the sausage is very spicy and the thin slices add flavourful heat without overpowering the taste.  But Ingrid and I agree that it’s the mozzarella cheese that ‘makes’ this pizza.  It’s the perfectly thick, soft and chewy consistency, and again, it’s not loaded so much to make the slices unmanageable.

The West End’s Italian Centre Shop is now my favourite place for pizza in the city, and the $11.00 dollar price is good, too.  It’s easy to find, in the plaza across the street (north) of West Edmonton Mall.  Highly recommended.

The Italian Centre Shop Ltd.  (3 locations.)

17010-90 Avnue NW

Edmonton, AB



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