Turkuaz Kebab House, Edmonton

This restaurant has within the last few months changed name and ownership.  Formerly the Mashawee Lebanese Grill, this suburban restaurant came highly recommended by a friend, Fatima, who is of Lebanese origin.  On her recommendation, I’d lunched at Mashawee a number of times and really enjoyed the food.

Daughter Jenn and I popped in for lunch today – a Friday, and the place is empty except for a solitary diner.  That’s not a great sign.  Most restaurants should be packed and busy for the Friday lunch service; it’s one of the regular, ‘busy’ days of the week.

The interior of the restaurant and menu (as I recall it when it was still Mashawee) appears to be the same.  Turquaz’s menu says it’s a Turkish and Lebanese Grill – “The tastiest flavour on charcoal wood BBQ”, so I was keen to sample some Middle Eastern cuisine, something I don’t often get.

This is a cafeteria style restaurant.  One places their order at the counter, and when it’s ready, you return to the counter to pick up your order.

First, the bad news.  Service was very slow, odd since we were the only two customers left in the place at 12:15 pm.  And our simple order got mixed up.

Jenn ordered a falafel pita wrap ($6.95), and I ordered a lamb kebab lunch plate ($16.95). and a side order of two kebbies (sic) ($1.95 each, which are torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with bulghur, minced onion and meat.) The menu picture of the lamb kebab plate shows the dish served with rice, fries and salad.

It took a good twenty-five minutes – perhaps longer, for our order to arrive.  Jenn got the falafel wrap, as ordered, but instead of the lamb kebab plate I had requested, I was delivered a lamb kebab wrap ($8.95.)  And the kibbeh I’d ordered never arrived.

Slow service and mistakes in our orders sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the wraps were excellent.  My lamb kebab wrap came with four very large chunks of grilled lamb, and Jenn said her wrap was excellent, too.

I’m willing to go out on a limb and give Turkuaz Kebab House another chance.  We were in no big hurry today, so the slow kitchen service wasn’t an issue.  And even though the wrong dish came, it was tasty, and the price is right.  So we’ll try this restaurant another time and post our findings.

Turkuaz Kebab House Turkish and Lebanese Grill

14016-127th Street

Edmonton, AB Tel.: 780-476-4511


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