Popular Bakery, Edmonton

I was waiting for the tropical specialist supermarket to open when I noticed Popular Bakery across the street.  With a few minutes remaining ’til the market unlocked its doors, I wandered into the bakery to see what was on offer.

I wasn’t hankering for anything special, so on the spur of the moment, ordered a couple of turnovers, one cherry, one lemon ($1.75 each) and a couple of ‘rice cupcakes’ ($1.00 each), tall, cylinders treats made of white cake with a sweet, crumbly topping.

The turnovers and cupcakes were fresh and good, but otherwise unremarkable.

At 9:55 AM, the bakery was busy with neighbourhood residents.  If I lived in the neighbourhood, I’d be a regular customer, just because it’s there.

Popular Bakery

9307-118th Avenue, Edmonton, AB.  Tel.:  780-471-1770



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