Ko-Cho-Line leather dressing

Ko-Cho-Line leather dressing - waterproofing for leather boots

Ko-Cho-Line leather dressing – waterproofing for leather boots

I’m fastidious about dressing my leather boots, especially when it comes to waterproofing.  One of the great miseries of motorcycling is to have cold, wet feet.

Some dozen years ago, I asked a friend, Adrian, who owns a small herd of fine horses and competes in dressage, what leather treatment products she and her equestrian friends used to keep their tack in top notch condition.  She recommended Ko-Cho-Line.

Ko-Cho-Line is a leather treatment manufactured by British company Carr & Day & Martin, and their claim to fame is they are “the U.K.’s oldest company involved in the manufacture of horse care products”, and they’ve been in business since 1765.  Plus, they hold a Royal Warrant of Appointment, meaning Carr & Day & Martin supplies products to certain royal personages.

Ko-Cho-Line is one of the many leather treatment products that Carr & Day & Martin manufacture, and they claim all their products are manufactured in England.  The 225 gram tin is about the size of a small jar of jam and contains a thick, red grease.  The company says Ko-Cho-Line is “a heavy duty grease that renovates, softens and revives saddlery leather and helps protect agains mold and mildew.”  They further claim the grease will not rot stitching and can be used on metal to prevent rust.

Directions for application is straight forward.  Ensure the leather is clean and dry; apply a heavy coat of Ko-Cho-Line on the leather; let stand for 12 hours; wipe off excess grease.

Does Ko-Cho-Line leather treatment ‘waterproof’ leather boots?

I can’t say with certainty that Ko-Cho-Line ‘waterproofs’ leather boots.  I think it does.

I’ve applied Ko-Cho-Line leather treatment exclusively since buying a pair of Alpinestar motorcycle touring boots (Gore-Tex lined), and they have never leaked in ten years.  The Gore-Tex waterproof liner has likely helped.

I’ve also applied Ko-Cho-Line religiously (2-3 times per year) to my Aerostich Combat Lite boots, which are NOT advertised as being ‘waterproof.’  The Combat Lites have endured 5 riding seasons – including some long stints in torrential downpours and an estimated 80,000 km – and have never leaked.

Finally, I use the  red grease 5-6 times per year on a pair of Australian Blundstone pull-on boots, which I use in all weather, including snow, and they’ve never leaked.

Final thoughts

I’m a fan of Ko-Cho-Line.  I think the product works as advertised.  There’s still more than 1/4 of the 225 gram tin remaining, and I bought it more than ten years ago.  For sure, there are lots of leather treatment (‘waterproofing’) products out there such as Nikiwax, and I’m sure they work just fine.  I’m happy to keep using this product ’til the can is empty.




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