Gourmet food tour to Spain

If you’ve got the itch to see Spain and you’re a bona fide foody, Edmonton food writer Liane Faulder has got just the tour for you.

Faulder is a food writer for the Edmonton Journal and a regular dining commentator on radio, and is leading a gourmet food tour of Barcelona and Catalonia and surrounding environs. This exotic tour looks promising with the expected gourmet focus on Spanish food and wine, but also exploring cured meats and olive oil.  Don’t forget the remarkable Spanish architecture that you’ll see – and learn firsthand where the term gaudy originates,  as well as other activities such as a cooking lesson led by a chef.

Faulder’s tour looks to be an small, cozy affair with a maximum of 14 or so seats available.

This enticing tour runs from March 21-30, 2014, and is priced at $4,750.  For more information, go to Lianefaulder.com and click on Touring.


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