Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery, Edmonton

The Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery has been around for a long time.  Even though it’s in our neck of the woods, getting Ingrid to agree to go out for “Italian”  is like asking her to do my income tax return.  “No”, is her typical reply, “I’d rather eat at Tim’s Place.”  That, of course, means me having to cook whatever Her Royal Highness declares she has a hankering for at that moment.

I was feeling particularly lazy and not wanting to cook one night when the Tasty Tomato popped into view and we both agreed that having somebody else perform some kind of culinary magic was more agreeable than one of us preparing the evening meal.

The Tasty Tomato has had a good reputation in Edmonton.  Not so many years ago, the Italian eatery won a local People’s Choice Award.  That bodes well for any restaurant.

We ordered Calamari Marinara ($11.95), and it arrived promptly.  The squid appetizer was served with a hearty tomato sauce, heavy with garlic (we like that!) and spice, and it was top rate.

Ingrid ordered Veal Scaloppini ($24.95),  sauteed veal with a white wine sauce and mushrooms, served with seashell pasta and a light tomato sauce.  Sadly, the sauce had little wine flavour, and the mushrooms looked like they were canned, not fresh.

I ordered the Veal Parmagiana ($24.95), breaded veal baked in tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese and mozzarella, also served with seashell pasta with tomato sauce. My dish was certainly cheesy, but I was disappointed the breading was soggy.  Perhaps I was mistakenly expecting the Italian veal to be prepared more like German schnitzel, which typically has a crispy breading.

Service was good and the decor is 1980s-90s ‘modern’, but overall, our meal, which I consider to be in the medium-high price range, was only average.  This is one restaurant I think normally does better than they did the evening we visited, and I’d give it another try sometime.

The Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery, 14233 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, 780-452-3594.

(780) 452-3594


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