Kanehl Farm Trail Grooming

Kanehl's Skid Steer makes short work out of brush clearing

Kanehl’s Skid Steer makes short work out of brush clearing

On Saturday, April 3rd, a ten-man crew of volunteers from the Edmonton Black Gold Beemers motorcycle club trekked out to Martin Kanehl’s farm in the County of Parkland west of Edmonton to help clear brush to develop some off-road motorcycle riding trails through the farm’s woodlot.

The expeditionary work force comprised of Wolfgang Simmert, Robyn Singleton, Charlie Pearson, Ken McDonald, Bjorn Johansen, Gary Kramer, Phil Hodge, Bruno, and me.

Kanehl operated his Skid Steer, clearing a couple of nice trails suitable for off-road motorcycling while Bjorn and Ken did a good imitation of urban cowboy chansaw operators, cutting down trees too large to be felled by the Skid Steer.  The rest of the crew cleared dead fall, moved potentially dangerous (sharp pointed branches) away from riding paths, and generally groomed the trails of wood debris.

Kanehl treated his volunteer workforce to a hearty lunch of Bratwursts and beer.


  1. Bighopper says:

    So I don’t make the list? :-(.

    • And voila, you ARE there! 🙂 Sorry, Phil. We pensioners don’t have very good long or short term memories.


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