Nolan helmets abandons Canada. Again

Nolan helmet owners have been left high and dry.  Retailers say there is no longer a Canadian distributor for the Italian helmet company

Nolan helmet owners have been left high and dry. Retailers say there is no longer a Canadian distributor for the Italian helmet company

I need a replacement retractable sun visor for my Nolan N-90 helmet, so I visited two of western Canada’s largest motorcycle retail stores, Argyll Motorsports (Edmonton) and Blackfoot Motosports (Calgary.) Both shops previously carried Nolan helmets, an Italian brand favoured by many motorcyclists for their wide range of modular (flip-up) helmets.

Inquiries with accessories department staff at both shops were all met with the response, “Sorry.  There is no longer a Canadian distributor for Nolan”, followed by an appropriately sad face.  Clary Sports in Quebec was the Nolan distributor.  Their website shows Nolan helmet products as part of their product line, and a quick check with Nolan’s Italian website still shows Clary Sports as the Canadian distributor.  Clearly, Clary Sports and Nolan’s websites have not been updated.  This is not the first time since I bought my first Nolan helmet that Canada has been without a Nolan distributor.

That’s too bad.  I like Nolan helmets.  They are one of the few brands that fit my ’round oval’ head.

I’m now on my third Nolan modular helmet, the first one was the N-100 bought some time in 2001, followed by an N-103 (with that awful external sunshade), and now an N-90.  Some N-90s (like mine) suffered from poor manufacturing tolerances that caused scratches on the surface of the retractable sunshade.  To support my local motorcycle retailers, I tried to buy a replacement sunshade, but to no avail.

As a last resort, I placed an online order with Quebec-based Canada’s Motorcycle.  A number of Edmonton friends have purchased from this online mail-order company and they report very good service and reasonable prices.

This will be a good test of Canada’s Motorcycle.  I placed my online order on Saturday, May 3rd at about 5:00 PM MDT.  On the morning of Monday, May 5th, I received an email confirmation that my order had been received.  The replacement sunshade for my N-90 helmet is advertized on Canada’s Motorcycle for $C39.95 plus $C7.00 shipping via Canada Post, plus 5-percent GST.  I’m happy to pay this price if I can actually get the ‘shield.

I’ll keep you posted on how good this Canadian motorcycle mail order company is.


  1. Bighopper says:

    CanadaMotorcycle are a great site. Have purchased 4 sets of tires & a Shoei Helmet from them & they are very good at delivering via my Ol’ delivery company :-).

  2. Nolan helmets can still be found in Québec, canadamotorcycle has them, admsport has then and just today I bought a N104 Classic for 349 $ before taxes, on sale from Hamel Honda in St-Eutache.

  3. Victoria Allen says:

    Good day, I am so surprised to read that, since I know for a fact that CLARY SPORTS is still the exclusive distributor in Canada for NOLAN ITALY. There is also a new agent in BC under RIDER IMPORT that will be covering all the BC and Alberta with NOLAN products. I can also give the email that I use for my request


    • Thanks for that correction, Victoria. That post was made after being provided that information by accessories sales staff at two of Alberta’s largest dealerships, Argyll Motor Sports (Edmonton) and Blackfoot Motosports (Calgary.)

  4. As a comment relating to Canada’s Motorcycle, I have ordered several items, including a Shoei helmet, 2 Klim jackets and several other items of the last few years. No hassle shipping and returns at no additional cost. They have been excellent to deal with.

    Take care

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