Kudos to Nikon Canada

Nikon Canada's 5 year warranty on DSLR lenses is outstanding

Nikon Canada’s 5 year warranty on DSLR lenses is outstanding

Every traveler needs a good camera.  For me, a compact DSLR is the camera of choice for ‘serious’ travel photography.

In 2010, I bit the bullet and plunked down money for a then mid-priced Nikon D5000 with an 18-55mm kit lens.  The camera and lens is relatively small, light weight and is perfect for tossing in the tailbag of my motorcycle.

Last year, the zoom lens started acting up, jamming occasionally and preventing the auto focus mechanism from working.  That problem disappeared as inexplicably as its sudden appearance.  I speculate that the number of hours the Nikon D5000 was carried aboard my Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX, a motorcycle widely known as a ‘paint shaker’, had something to do with the lens’s problems.  But that problem did go away.  So I thought.

Early this summer I grabbed the D5000 for a last minute photo shoot of a new bike launch and the D5000 failed to turn on.

I took it back to the local photo dealer Vistek where I had bought the camera and paid a $38.09 handling fee for the dealer to send it to Nikon Canada’s service centre.  A couple of weeks later, Vistek called me back to say Nikon Service estimated the repair to cost $209.00.  I gave the go-ahead.

A week after that, the folks at Vistek called to say they’d received a new 18-55mm lens, a replacement for the working (but apparently faulty) lens I had sent with my camera for its repair.

Now, some four weeks after sending the D5000 for repair, the camera is back and along with it a brand new 18-55mm lens.  Unbeknownst to me, Nikon has a 5 year warranty on its DSLR lenses, so there was no charge for the lens replacement.  The icing on the cake is the new 18-55mm lens is an updated version of the original lens.  The new lens is a few grams lighter and it has button for locking the lens when its retracted to its most compact (shortest) length.

The total repair charge (including the updated 18-55mm Nikkor VRII replacement lens) was $207.60, from which the original $38.09 I paid for handling was deducted.

I’m a happy Nikon customer.  Kudos to Nikon Canada’s service department.



  1. I am not sure why you need to pay for $200+, it is under warranty and you should get it fixed for free.

  2. To clarify, the camera’s warranty had expired. It was the camera body (no longer under warranty) that failed. The Nikon lens WAS replaced under warranty.

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