Big Shout Out to Kal Tire

I stopped in to the Kal Tire on Edmonton’s south side today, looking for options on a set of four winter tires on aftermarket wheels.

Brad, the store’s manager says, “Let’s go have a look at your car so I can suggest a set of wheels that might look good on your new Subaru WRX.”

We walk to the parking lot, and Brad notices a nail sticking out of the right rear Dunlop Sport Maxx TT high performance summer tire.

“No problem”, says Brad. The WRX is wheeled into the shop and less than thirty minutes later, the puncture is repaired.

So here’s a big ‘thumbs up’ to the folks at Kal Tire (9750 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton.

And the winter tire choices Brad specs for the WRX?  Michelin X-Ice 3, Nokian Hakkepelita 8, and Yokohama Ice Guard IG52C.

I’m leaning towards the X-Ice 3s because I’ve been happy with previous versions of the tire on our cars, but the other options also have their appeal.


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