2015 Subaru WRX fuel economy – 6.58 L/100km, 42.9 imperial MPG, Calgary to Edmonton

We’ve now replicated for the third time the outstanding highway fuel economy on successive drives between Calgary and Edmonton.

Our 2015 Subaru WRX with CVT transmission now has some 5400 km on the odometer.

Here is a synopsis of fuel usage for these three highway trips.

(All tests undertaken on Alberta’s QE2 divided, 4-lane highway with cruise control set at 120 km/h.)

Highway Test #3, August 31, 2014

  • Average highway fuel economy:  6.58 L/100 km, 42.9 imperial MPG, 35.7 U.S. mpg
  • Distance traveled:  281 km
  • Fuel consumed:  18.503 L (Shell V-Power premium unleaded)

Highway Test #2, August 24, 2014

  • Average highway fuel economy:  7.05 L/100 km, 40.0 imperial MPG, 33.3 U.S. MPG
  • Distance traveled:  289 km
  • Fuel consumed:  20.995 L (Husky unleaded premium)

Highway Test #1, July 27, 2014

  • Average highway fuel economy:  6.90 L/100 km, 40.9 imperial MPG, 30.0 U.S. MPG
  • Distance traveled: 281 km
  • Fuel consumed:  19.892 L (Husky unleaded premium)

Note in Test #3, we used Shell V-Power unleaded premium instead of our ‘normal’ Husky premium unleaded gasoline.  Shell V-Power unleaded premium gasoline is advertised to contain no ethanol, which should give better fuel economy than the Husky premium unleaded fuel which does contain ethanol.

While Test #3 is only one sample, the 6.58 L/100 km fuel economy using Shell V-Power suggests that using a fuel with no ethanol does provide marginally better fuel economy than the Husky premium unleaded gasoline which does contain ethanol.

Regardless of the brand of fuel we have used, the 6.58-6.90 L/100 km of fuel consumption the WRX achieved while cruising mostly at 120 km/h is very impressive for a 268 horsepower turbocharged all-wheel-drive sedan.  We love the new technology that enables this outstanding level of on-road performance.



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