2014 BMW R1200RT – How our new RT prices out

2014 BMW R1200RT in "Callisto Grey Metallic Matt"

2014 BMW R1200RT in “Callisto Grey Metallic Matt”

We recently acquired a 2014 BMW R1200RT.  This RT was pre-owned and it had 5200 km on the odometer when we bought it.

This is a ‘fully loaded’ RT with every factory option package available.

I was curious about what the MSRP ‘list price’ is for a new, fully-equipped RT (along with some popular accessories such as large topcase, pannier liners, GPS and valve cover guards.)

Here is how this RT prices out at ‘full retail.’

Prices are from our local, authorized BMW dealership, and shown in Canadian dollars.

Take a deep breath . . .

2014 BMW R1200RT
MSRP $ 20,850.00
Comfort Package $       935.00
Touring Package $   1,530.00
Dynamic Package $       300.00
Pro Shift Assistant $       470.00
Audio System + Sirius XM Radio $   1,250.00
Topcase, 49 L (large) $   1,462.50
Topcase lock $         35.37
BMW Navigator V GPS $       899.50
Cylinder Head Cover Guard $       321.35
Pannier Liners (2) $       318.90
Documentation fee $         79.00
Sub-total $ 28,451.62
GST $   1,422.58
Total $ 29,874.20

Comfort Package includes:  Chromed Exhaust + Central Locking (for panniers, topcase and 2 in-dash stowage compartments) + Anti-theft Alarm System + Tire Pressure Control + 12v Electrical Socket

Touring Package includes:  Cruise Control + Prep for GPS + Seat Heating (front and pillion) + Dynamic ESA

Dynamic Package includes: Riding Mode Pro + Hill Start Control + Headlight Pro

Some dealers add PDI (Pre-delivery inspection) which can be $2-300 dollars.

That puts a new, fully-equipped RT right at the $30,000 dollar mark.

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  1. Ray says:

    Thank you for the information on costing out the BMW R1200RT. With your information and that of BMW Motorrad USA I was able to estimate what a new 2015 would run me prior to heading to the dealer.

    Armed with your information I’ve gone ahead and ordered a 2015 with the options I wanted.

    It’s very unfortunate the BMW Motorad Canada website does not provide possible customers with this information or a have a “build Your Own” option to cost things out.

    I don’t know what they are thinking. On a customer service stand point it’s certainly not the right approach.

    Thank you sir, you have been a great help.

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