RTFM!! Auto-canceling turn signals, 2014 BMW R1200RT

The 2014 R1200RT has self-canceling turn signals.  I just have to RTFM to figure it out

The 2014 R1200RT has self-canceling turn signals. I just have to RTFM to figure it out

Jeez, are people stupid or what?

My good friend Phil H. kindly pointed out to me yesterday that my post on “Fixes” We Need for the Next Generation of Motorcycles incorrectly stated my 2014 BMW R1200RT does not have self-canceling turn signals.  Wrong!!

Why don’t people just RTFM (read the frickin’ manual)?  Mea culpa.  I am such an icehole!

Page 58 (image above) clearly shows the RT has self-canceling turn signals, but honestly, I’ve never noticed they work.  And now that my butt has been kicked to give my brain a little shake, I recall my BMW salesperson saying during his vehicle delivery ‘tour’ that the RT had this feature.

But look carefully at the signals’ operational parameters:  they require a minimum 10 seconds and 300 m of time + distance to cancel.

Think about that.  You’re stopped to make a turn with your indicator on.  You make your turn – now start counting – 1 steamboat, 2 steamboat, 3 steamboat . . . 10 steamboat.  That’s way too long, at least for me, to wait after completing the turn for the indicator to cancel.  No wonder it never occurred to me the RT lacked this feature.  I simply turn the corner, and once I’ve completed it, automatically cancel the signal manually, likely 3-4 seconds later.  That’s much earlier than BMW’s built-in time + distance parameter for canceling the signal.

Phil says others on BMW owners’ forums have complained about the inordinately lengthy time for the signal to cancel.  Count me as one of them.

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  1. Dave Graham says:

    My 1985 K100RS signals cancel after about 5 seconds.
    The signals on my 2003 and 2010 BMW’s don’t cancel at all.

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