Self-canceling turn signals – they work! . . . sort of . . .

"15 steamboats" is how long the 2014 R1200RT's turn signals can take to cancel

“15 steamboats” is how long the 2014 R1200RT’s turn signals can take to cancel.  Photo from today’s sunny, 7-degree C ride

It reached a balmy 7-degrees Celsius this afternoon, and that REQUIRED another short ride to take advantage of yet another snow-free day we have.  Usually, by this time in November, Edmonton has snow on the ground.

After last Saturday’s great ‘revelation’ when good friend Phil H. corrected me that my new 2014 BMW R1200RT does in fact have self-canceling turn signals (and I humbly posted an admission to my stupidity), today’s ride through the city was a good time to test the RT’s auto-canceling turn signals.

The owner’s manual says “minimum 10 sec. + minimum 300m” for the turn signals to cancel.  On paper, that seems reasonable.

On one occasion during today’s testing, the turn signal cancelled immediately after rounding the corner.  Nice.  That’s how they’re supposed to work, IMHO.

But in most instances, it took at least a count of “ten steamboats” for the signal to cancel, and in one instance, it took a count of “fifteen steamboats” for the signal to cancel.

That’s not quick enough for me.  All this testing was done in mid-afternoon city traffic where the speed limit is 50 km/h.  At some point, I’ll test how long it takes the turn signal to cancel at highway speed.

I’ll likely continue doing what I’ve been doing – cancel the turn signal manually after turning the corner.


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