It’s over – 2014 riding season ends

Riding season comes to an end; our 2014 BMW R1200RT goes to winter storage

Riding season comes to an end; our 2014 BMW R1200RT goes to winter storage

Yesterday, my 2014 riding season ended.  I waited until the last minute to ride my bike to its winter storage location and en route, it began to rain.  It’s only a matter of days before that rain will turn to snow.

The weather forecast for Edmonton within the next few days is forecast to drop to overnight lows in the minus 20-degree Celsius range.  That’s brutal, but especially irksome because we’ve enjoyed an unseasonably warm October and early November.

Now, it’s time to gird our loins and settle in for winter.  Day by day, it’s getting colder.  In the short time I’ve had the RT (little more than seven weeks), I’ve reveled in the German tourer’s sheer competence.  The RT is big, comfortable and offers a plush (if desired) adjustable ride with superb weather protection.  The new 125-horsepower liquid-cooled engine is sweet, with plenty of power and superb fuel economy.

Now the waiting begins.  From where I sit, the 2015 riding season seems a long, long way away.

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  1. Ray says:

    I keep going back to your post and looking at your RT and I’m dreaming about when my RT will be ready for me to ride. I’ve recently ordered a 2015 which is the same colour as yours, it looks like the mat grey in your photos.

    I’ve retired this past April and was planning to purchase a 2014 and the recall and no ride order was put in place stopping all sales and I opted to wait for the 2015 model year. It’s a long time to wait but by all the reviews I’ve read along with yours I do believe the wait is worth it.

    I’ve been told mine may be delivered in mid March. Will still have to wait about a month to ride the bike due to the long and cold winters in Winnipeg.

    Take care.


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