Blue Plate Diner, Edmonton

Blue Plate Diner's Shepherd's Pie with sweet potato fries

Blue Plate Diner’s Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato fries

I was psyched up when daughter Jenn suggested the Blue Plate Diner for lunch the other day.  This restaurant has a good reputation in the city, and that message is reinforced by the numerous framed awards mounted on the wall at the front door.

Located on 104th Street just north of Jasper Avenue in the heart of downtown, the exterior is quite innocuous.  It’d be easy to walk past this eatery.  Inside, the decor is simple, modern and sparse.

Service was quick, polite and efficient.  Our server mis-communicated the daily specials, telling us the gumbo was one of the ‘specials’ when, in fact, it was the soup of the day and not a main course as we were led to believe.

I ordered the Lamb Shepherd’s Pie with sweet potato fries, which I thought was on the pricey side at $16.00.  Ingrid and Jenn both ordered the Elk and Bison Burger with soup (gumbo), also $16.00.

When my Shepherd’s Pie arrived, the server noted the kitchen had forgotten the spicey mayo dip for the fries and promptly returned with it.  The Shepherd’s Pie came with generous portions of mashed potatoes topping the ground meat pie which had an intense lamb flavour, and the dish arrived piping hot.

After lunch, Ingrid and I both agreed that our respective dishes were merely average, and honestly, for the price, I expected better.  Did we hit the diner on an ‘off’ day?  I don’t know.  Perhaps we’ll give them another try one day.

Blue Plate Diner, 10145 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7; Phone:(780) 429-0740





  1. Richard says:

    Tim, missed your epicurean report on the Pearl River Restaurant.


    • ty says:


      We were too busy enjoying great company to take notes and photos.

      Pearl River’s manager, David, ordered for us and every dish was fantastic. We intend on visiting Pearl River Restaurant and doing a review soon.


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