“On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter” movie review. A must-see for motorcyclists

"On Any Sunday - The Next Chapter" documentary is a modern classic film and 'must-see' for motorcycle enthusiasts

“On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter” documentary is a modern classic film and ‘must-see’ for motorcycle enthusiasts

Last night was the Edmonton premiere of the documentary “On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter”, and the two showings were sold out.

The premiere was held at Edmonton’s venerable and much loved Princess Theatre on trendy Whyte Avenue, near the University of Alberta.

After an unseasonable cold snap and and very heavy snowfall, Edmonton was graced with an unusual ‘heat wave’ (above zero), and a handful of hardcore motorcyclists gamely rode and proudly parked their bikes in front of the theatre.

“On Any Sunday -The Next Chapter” is a follow up on the 1971 cult classic “On Any Sunday” documentary, featuring Steve McQueen, who is shown off-road racing under a false name.

The 2014 documentary, like its predecessor, chronicles the motorcycling sport and hobby, and the wide variety of people who indulge in their passion for motorcycles ‘on any Sunday.’

The documentary runs about 1 hour and 30 minutes, covering a myriad of different genres of motorcycle sport including MotoGP, flat-track racing, motocross, and land speed record attempts at the Bonniville Salt Flats.

But the film covers much more than that, with interviews with a range of personalities such as MotoGP champions Marc Marquez, Kenny Roberts, and Wayne Rainey, as well as not-so-famous racers such as a deaf woman who races pro motocross, a parapalegic who rides off-road in a custom built dirt bike with a roll cage, stunt riders, a flat-track rider racer who has a prosthetic hand clipped to the handlebar, and Carlin Dunne who rides a Lightning Electric Superbike to win Pike’s Peak.

There’s a slight difference in ‘style’ for the new documentary.  The original film plays heavily on humour.  (Who can forget the scene where the off-road desert racer breaks down and the rider starts a ‘signal fire’, but sets his bike on fire in the process?)  The new film lacks the regular insertion of laughable moments of the 1971 version.  And as a trials fan, I would have liked to see a segment on motorcycling’s ‘ballet on wheels.’  Also, the new film largely ignores the Sunday street rider category.

But I’m nitpicking.  The new documentary includes breathtaking onboard clips of MotoGP racing, including numerous high-speed crashes and there’s a good segment on riding outside the United States.  Canada gets two mentions – ice-racing in Alberta, which generated an appreciative round of applause and off-roading in British Columbia.  Riding in Vietnam and Europe is also showcased.

Overall, this is a superb documentary that gives an authentic insider’s look at what fuels our passion for motorcycling.  Even my non-motorcycling daughter, Jenn said she really enjoyed it.

“On Any Sunday – The Next Chapter” is a must-see for motorcycle enthusiasts, and like its 1971 predecessor “On Any Sunday”, is destined to become a motorcycle cult classic.

If you missed the Edmonton premiere, the Calgary premiere is scheduled for Saturday, December 13th, 2014.  Go to Red Bull’s website here for full details.




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