Non-slip ice studs for walking shoes

Six metal studs per side give 100-precent confidence for walking on ice

Six metal studs per side give 100-precent confidence for walking on ice

Yesterday, Edmonton was hit with freezing ice rain, and the news was full of stories reporting local hospital emergency departments were flooded with injuries due to slipping on the ice.

That gave me a perfect excuse to dig out a pair of ice studs designed to slip over shoes or boots to give traction for walking on ice.

Son Chris had given these to me some time ago, and I’d neglected to try them.  They’re inexpensive, Power Fist brand (found at Princess Auto), and Chris says to the best of his recollection, sell for about $7.00 dollars.

Packaged as “Non-slip Snow Grabbers”, this set came in size Large; the package says these will fit shoe sizes 8-11.

The Snow Grabbers are made of a black rubber- (or silicone-) like material that, according to the packaging, remains flexible to minus 40 Celsius.  I put these on a pair of old Blundstone 490 boots (Men’s size 9-1/2) that I’ve worn year-round.  It’s a tight fit and requires careful pulling and stretching, but the ‘slip-on’ cleats do fit with a little patience.

Each slip-on overshoe has 6 metal studs – 4 studs are under the ball of the foot; 2 studs for the heel.

Ice stud detail

Ice stud detail


These Snow Grabbers performed well above my expectations.  On glare ice and snow packed down by traffic, these studs gave me 100-percent confidence for walking at a very brisk pace.  And this was on a day when while trying to walk to a store from the parking lot, we had to clutch each other and slip-slide a few inches at a time so as not to fall on our butts.  That was without the Snow Grabbers, of course.

Fitted with the ice studs, subjectively, on glare ice, they give you more than 90-percent of the traction of walking on bare pavement.  They’re that good.

Because they’re a bit of a chore to put on, I recommend slipping them over a dedicated pair of winter boots or shoes and simply leave them on.  Use that footwear just for icy winter conditions.


The downside of the ice studs is walking on dry pavement, where you can feel the studs through the soles of your shoes.  It feels a little awkward and slightly uncomfortable like you’re walking with pebbles stuck in your hiking boots or cross trainers.

For the price, they’re hard to beat.  For those dedicated daily walkers, the Power Fist Non-slip Snow Grabbers are highly recommended.

Power Fist Non-slip Snow Grabbers, $7.00 (approx. street price); Made in Taiwan; available from Princess Auto.

Non-slip Snow Grabbers on Blundstone boots

Non-slip Snow Grabbers on Blundstone boots


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