Top 10 Best Selling ‘Cars’ in Canada for 2014

The Top 10 Best Selling ‘Cars’ in Canada for 2014 may surprise you.  The top spots were dominated by pickup trucks, and the category of work or utility-style vehicles (pickup trucks, SUVs, vans) account for two-thirds of the 615,092 total sales the top ten accounted for.  The Honda Civic was the top selling passenger car.

Here are Canada’s Top 10 Selling vehicles for 2014:

  1. Ford F-series pickup, 126.277 units
  2. Ram pickup, 88,521 units
  3. Honda Civic, 66,057 units
  4. Ford Escape, 52,198
  5. Dodge Grand Caravan, 51,179 units
  6. Hyundai Elantra, 50,420 units
  7. Toyota Corolla, 48,881 units
  8. GMC Sierra pickup, 48,046 units
  9. Chevrolet Silverado, 41,195 units
  10. Mazda3, 40,974 units

The Big Picture

The #1 vehicle Ford F-series pickup outsold the list’s best-selling passenger car Honda Civic at a rate roughly 2:1.

The Ford brand owns the lion’s share with the F-series pickup and Escape taking 58.6-percent of Canada’s Top 10’s overall sales.

General Motors’ Sierra and Silverado pickups accounted for 14.6-percent of Top 10 sales.

The Ram (Chrysler) brand accounted for 14.4-percent of total Top 10 sales.

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