Pizza Wars

Famosa Neopolitan pizza - thin crust. fast food in a sit down restaurant

Famoso Neopolitan pizza – thin crust. fast food in a sit down restaurant

It’s no secret.  I love pizza.

Unfortunately, Ingrid isn’t a big pizza fan.  She’d rather stay home and eat at “Tim’s Place.”  That means I am relegated to being The Chef for Her Royal Highness.

Once in a blue moon, Ingrid gives in and grants a meal of cheesy goodness.

Monty’s Pizza and Steakhouse – highly recommended

At the suggestion of a friend who’s a big fan of a local pizza joint, Monty’s Pizza and Steakhose (1027 Potter Green Drive, Edmonton), located in a neighbourhood plaza in Edmonton’s west end.

We phoned in an order for a ‘Monty Deluxe’ (extra large, $33.95) with beef, ham, bacon, onions, green pepper and fresh tomatoes.  Our order was sitting ready for pickup a few minutes before the scheduled 6:15 PM time I’d requested.  I was pleasantly surprised.

When we got the pizza home and cracked open the box, the pizza was still piping hot and everything I want in an Italian pie – thick crust and heavy with cheese, meat and other toppings.  For me, this is one of my favourite pizzas in the Edmonton area.

Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria

Famoso has a number of outlets in the city.  We dined at the West Edmonton Mall location.  The great allure of thin crust pizza – Famoso’s speciality – is that the pizzas are baked in super hot ovens and they come to your table FAST.  On a previous occasion, I timed the pizza we ordered (at the counter) to the moment our server delivered it to our table, and it landed in an astonishing 8 minutes.

Famoso thin crust pizza is the equivalent to fast food in a sit-down restaurant.

We ordered an Abruzzo pizza ($14.75) with ground Italian sausage, red onions, roasted mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, fennel seeds and pecorino romano cheese, and it was a big hit at our table of five.  Our second pie was a Sweet BBQ Chicken ($14.75) with roast chicken, smoked mozzarella cheese topped with diced tomatoes, cilantro and red onions.  Most of our table thought the BBQ sauce was too sweet and we generally preferred the more traditional Abruzzo.

Overall, Famoso was a bit of a hit-or-miss dining experience, and is not at the top of my favourite pizza joints list.

Favourite Pizzas

My favourite pizzas now includes Monty’s, the deep dish-style pizzas at Zorba’s Pizza and Pub in Acheson industrial park and the thin crust pizzas at the Italian Centre Shop.



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