The Burger Joint, Edmonton, AB

The Burger Joint, Edmonton. AB

The Burger Joint, Edmonton. AB

I have to admit, I don’t go out for burgers very often, so I can’t say The Burger Joint has the best burger in town. What I CAN say is this tiny southside eatery has the BEST VALUE lamb burger in the city.

The Burger Joint was highly recommended by foody friends, Richard and Maggie, so we headed there for lunch on Thursday.

The Burger Joint is a tiny restaurant deep in the south side of Edmonton.  With only about 30 seats, it’s a cafeteria-style place where you place your order at the counter and take an order number placard to your table.  A server then brings your order to your table.

A stack of order sheets is at each table so you can customize your burger if you wish, or you can order off the wall-mounted menu.

I ordered a ‘customized’ lamb buger ($8.99); you have a long list of ‘free’ toppings to choose from.  I kept it simple, with tomato, white onions, mayo, mustard, relish and onion rings.  (There’s also a long list of toppings such as cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, etc. all for 0.75-$1.00.)  Plus I added the ‘package’ curly fries and large soft drink ($3.99.)  The order of curly fries and LARGE soft drink are enough for two to share.

The Burger Joint's lamb burger is a bargain, $8.99

The Burger Joint’s (customized) lamb burger is a bargain, $8.99

Ingrid ordered the Lamb Burger Deluxe ($8.99) straight off the menu.  It came ‘loaded’ with green olives, feta cheese, tarter sauce and onions.  It took some time for the kitchen to deliver our orders, but the little place was full with a line up at the order counter, and we were there just after 11:30 AM.

On first bites, Ingrid and I both commented the burger tasted ‘lamby’, and for us, that’s a good thing.  Next time, we’ll try the beef burgers.

All-in-all, The Burger Joint is highly recommended.

The Burger Joint, 9132-23 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB.; Tel.:  780-435-0008; open 10:00 AM-11:00 PM.


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