Evil Dave’s Grill, Jasper, AB

Evil Dave's Grill, Jasper, AB

Evil Dave’s Grill, Jasper, AB

Dining in a tourist town like Jasper, AB can be a challenge.  And seeking a fine dining experience can be even tougher.

We’d heard about Evil Dave’s Grill from a chef friend in Edmonton.  And with the arrival of a new, 2016 Acura ILX arrived for a week’s worth of testing Spring weather having arrived in northern Alberta, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for Ingrid and me to visit Jasper, Alberta for a few days.

Evil Dave’s was originally founded by Chef David Husereau, who has since moved on to be the creative force behind Jasper’s Tekarra Restaurant.  (Husereau is arguably one  of Alberta’s top chefs.  When I met him a few years ago, he had just gone through screen-testing for a Canadian cooking show.)

Beautiful Brie for Two, $19.99

Superb appetizer, ‘Beautiful Brie for Two’, $19.99

We started our meal with he Beautiful Brie for Two appetizer ($19.99), a wheel of warm Danish brie encrusted with almonds and served on a delicious pear puree/red currant sauce/balsamic reduction.  Ingrid and I are cheese ‘fans’ and this brie dish was outstanding.

Malevolent Meatloaf ($26.99)

‘Malevolent Meatloaf’ ($26.99)

On a motorcycle trip to Great Falls, MT last year, one of my friends ordered meatloaf at a fine dining steakhouse.  I was flabbergasted, but I trust his culinary judgment and decided to stray waaay beyond my comfort zone and ordered Evil Dave’s Malevolent Meatloaf.  And I’m glad I did.  This isn’t your run-of-the-mill meatloaf like Mama used to make.  This is 100-percent Alberta bison blended with wild boar bacon topped with fried mushrooms and served up with fine, curly fries all on a bed of mashed potatoes, with a rich gravy adding a nice kick of texture.  I’d order this again without hesitation.

Malicious Salmon, $29.99

‘Malicious Salmon’, $29.99

Ingrid ordered the Malicious Salmon (gluten free), $29.99, which the menu describes as the establishment’s ‘signature dish.’  Blackened Atlantic Salmon served with a sweet curry aioli sauce, Jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables.  While this dish was good, we agreed the salmon was overcooked and a little dry.

'Wicked Cheesecake', $6.99

‘Wicked Cheesecake’, $6.99

Our final dish of the evening was the Wicked Cheesecake, $6.99. It’s hard to find outstanding cheesecake at restaurants, just because Ingrid is The Master of homemade cheesecake.  Evil Dave’s offering was good, and a nice, sweet ending to what was generally a very good dining experience.

Ingrid and I agreed we’d definitely return and give Evil Dave’s another try.  The brie appetizer and meatloaf entree were superb.  The salmon entree and cheesecake dessert didn’t meet the level of excellence as our other dishes.

Evil Dave’s Grill, 622 Patricia Street, Jasper, AB.  Tel.:  780-852-3323.  Recommended.


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