‘Free’ rear fender extender for 2014-2015 BMW R1200RTW

BMW's secret, 'free' rear fender extender

Photo 1:  BMW’s secret, ‘free’ rear fender extender (in the ‘extended position) adds about 60mm (2-3/8-in.) in overall length

My fellow 2014 BMW R1200RTW owner and good friend Denis recently informed me of BMW’s ‘secret’ and ‘free’ rear fender extender on 2014 (and 2015s, presumably) BMW R1200RTWs.

We were on a 4-day extended Victoria Day long weekend tour and at the end of a marvelous day riding a seriously swervacious piece of Idaho’s best pavement (P1 from Kendrick to Orofino), we had stopped to overnight at the delightful Konkolville Motel.

Our flotilla of BMW motorcycles were lined up, parked for the evening and after changing into ‘civilian’ clothes, our group were milling about, recounting the day’s ride.

Denis said, “Did you know our (2014) RTs have an extendable rear fender?”, to which I admitted ignorance.  Denis, a former aircraft technician, is a dedicated tinkerer, and inspecting the mechanical bits of a motorcycle comes naturally to him.

2014 R1200RTW rear fender in the 'short' position as it comes from the factory

Photo 2:  2014 R1200RTW rear fender in the OEM ‘short’ position as it comes delivered from the factory

If you examine Photo 2 you can see a small nut just below the licence plate.  On the inside of the fender is a small allen head.  Loosen the allen head bolt and pull the ‘duck tail’ of the rear fender down and the extender slides down.

The main rear fender has two rails to hold the extender, and it has two rows of plastic ‘teeth’ which help it to lock into the main fender.  If you slide the extender too far, you will expose the teeth.

I lowered the fender extension the maximum distance without exposing the teeth.  Extended fully as I did, the the rear fender is lengthened by about 60mm (2-3/8-in.)

Comparing Denis’ RT (with rear fender extended) to my RT (with rear fender in the OEM-delivered ‘short’ position) after riding wet roads, I noticed the rear surfaces of Denis’ bike (panniers, topcase and fender) were relatively clean, while there was obviously road splatter on my bike.

I checked the BMW R1200RTW’s 190 page owner’s manual; it makes no reference to the RT’s extendable rear fender feature.

So if you’ve got a 2014 or 2015 R1200RTW, consider yourself lucky.  BMW has tossed in a ‘freebie’ (for once) on their superlative touring rig.  They just haven’t bothered to tell you about it.


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