New Nolan N40 arrives

Nolan N40

Nolan N40

Wearing All The Gear All The Time is a principle I’ve slavishly followed since I began riding motorcycles decades ago.  ATGATT has served me well in my riding career, allowing me to walk away virtually unscathed from a highway speed crash in 2003.  (A testament to the efficacy of ‘proper’ motorcycle riding gear was that my ‘crash-tested’ gear, a Nolan N100 helmet, Triumph Raptor mesh jacket, leather riding pants and Alpinestar boots were on exhibit at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum’s Life and Times of the Motorcycle show in 2004-05.)

For street riding, I’ve always worn full-face helmets, and the ‘rightness’ of doing so was reinforced a few years ago while I was attending an advanced street riding course at Calgary’s Race City Speedway.

One of our riding instructors was a Calgary Police Service motor officer who also taught a beginner motorcycle training course offered by the local safety council.  Although the officer said he was required to wear an open face helmet while on motorcycle duty, he always wore a full-face helmet when riding on the street.

“I’ve seen riders in the motorcycle training course hit the pavement in the parking lot and knock their teeth out.”  I’ve never forgotten that story.

After a lot of deliberation, I bit the bullet and decided to buy an open face helmet for those few, stinking hot summer days, especially in city riding.

An open face helmet is lighter than full-face lids, obviously flows more air, and offer increased peripheral vision, all good things.  The tradeoff of course is the lack of chin protection.

Life is all about making choices, and finally, I’ve decided the risk of injury wearing an open face helmet is ‘manageable.’

I ordered the new for 2015 Nolan N40 Italian-made helmet from Canada’s Motorcycle, a Quebec-based online mail order store I’ve purchased various items from over the past couple of years.  As I’ve stated in older posts, there don’t seem to be ANY Nolan retailers in Alberta, or I would have tried to buy the helmet from a brick and mortar store.

Canada’s Motorcycle service is commendable.

  • Tuesday, May 12th, about 7:45 AM, order placed online; email confirmation of order received almost immediately
  • Friday, May 15th, 3:16 PM, email confirms order shipped
  • Wednesday, May 20th, shipment delivered to residence

Total elapsed time was about 8 days via Canada Post, and shipping was free.  That seems to be a typical delivery time to Edmonton.

The N40 was $315.85 + GST.

I’ll post a review of the Nolan N40 helmet after I rack up some more riding time with it.


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