The Indian Fusion Curry House Restaurant, Edmonton, AB

The Curry House in downtown Edmonton offers a different 'twist' on buffet lunch

The Curry House in downtown Edmonton offers a different ‘twist’ on buffet lunch

Ingrid and I are not very knowledgeable about Indian cuisine.  Some months ago a friend (who was a former editor of the Driving Section of the Edmonton Journal and Ducati Monster owner), Shelley, introduced me to The Curry House.

Since then, I’ve been back a couple of times, once with the ‘kids’ Jenn and Chris for Lunch With Dad (me) and another time recently with Ingrid.

The restaurant’s signage says, “Indian Fusion”, whatever that means. The menu also lists ‘Fijian Specialties.’ On all visits, we ordered The Curry House’s ‘Lunch Special’ ($13.99), which is a unique twist on all-you-can-eat buffets.

Instead of the rows of steam tables where you help yourself, The Curry House’s all-you-can-eat lunch is served to your table by request.

The lunch special includes four dishes with the perfect amount of spice in the curry dishes for my palate.  Included are two meat and two vegetable dishes:  Butter Chicken (“made without butter”, our server gleefully announces when he brings the dish), Lamb (or goat) Curry, Lentils and Spinach.  Fluffy white rice and crispy, hot naan flat bread accompany the meal.


Sumptuous curry


Lunch special includes two meat dishes, two vegetable dishes

Hot, crispy naan flatbread

Hot, crispy naan flatbread

The Curry House’s interior is split into two small rooms, and is compact, dark and has a cozy, intimate feel. With Jenn and Chris, we ask for more naan and Butter Chicken. It arrives promptly from the kitchen. We’re well taken care of and everybody leaves happy with our luncheon.

Although located in the city’s downtown (across Grant McEwan University), parking is free and plentiful as the restaurant has its own surface parking lot.

We really enjoyed our dining experience. The food is beautifully prepared and flavourful, well priced and access is a breeze.

Highly recommended.

The Indian Fusion Curry House, 10322-111th Street NW, Edmonton, AB.; Open M-F 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM, Sat 4:00 – 8:00 PM, Sun 4:00 – 9:00 PM.


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