MachineArt Moto – Fender extender for 2014/15 BMW R1200RTWs


MachineArt front fender extender for 2014/15 BMW R1200RTW takes 2 minutes to install

MachineArt front fender extender for 2014/15 BMW R1200RTW takes 2 minutes to install

Before MachineArt front fender extender installation

Before MachineArt front fender extender installation

My good friend Denis who also owns a 2014 BMW R1200RTW highly recommended I install the front fender extender he put on his bike.

When it comes to selling motorcycles on the showroom floor, style always wins out over function.

The short-ish OEM front fender on the the 2014/2015 BMW R1200RTW is certainly stylish, but its short length allows plenty of road spray to blast the front of the boxer-twin engine.

MachineArt is a U.S.-based company that happily took my order online and shipped the fender via USPS.

The fender extender retails at $US 79.00 and a not inconsiderable $US 33.00.  That translates into about $138.00 Cdn, delivered to the house, and the parcel was not inspected at Canada Customs (and therefore not subject to CC’s ‘handling’ fees nor GST.)

My box arrived 11 days after the order was placed.

Installation of the fender extender is so simple, even a mechanical klutz like me could install it.  The normal backyard mechanic will take two minutes to install the plastic piece, which seems to nicely match the texture and colour of the OEM fender.

The kit comes with 2 #25 Torx fasteners and 2 retaining pieces that have teeth.

Installation is simple:

  1. Slip the extender onto the rear of the OEM fender
  2. With one hand place the U-shaped retainer (inside the OEM fender) lining it up with the U-shaped pocket of the extender
  3. Screw the Torx fastener through the extended and OEM fender into the retainer.  I used a dab of blue (medium strength) Loctite to ensure it doesn’t vibrate loose.

The MachineArt fender extender adds about 140mm (5-1/2-in.) of length to the stock fender.  It’s design blends in very nicely with the original fender; it’s  quick and easy to install, and a worthwhile accessory for that should pay off in the long term by keeping the front of the engine clean.  Ultimately, you’ll spend more time riding and less time cleaning.


  1. Ray Girouard says:


    Thanks for your recommendation relating to the fender extender for my 2015 R1200RT.

    Just to let you know I found a Canadian Company, who do stock this fender. The Avant RT LC from MachineArt.

    The price was $95.00 and took approx. 5 days to get shipped to my residence via Canada Post. Just thought I would let you know.

    Took me less then 5 minutes to install. Will have to wait for next season to test the thing but sure looks good on the bike.

    Thanks again for your post on this fender.


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