Tested today – 429 km on our footpeg lowered 2014 BMW R1200RTW

We put the Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering kit for our R1200RTW to the test with a 429 km 'breakfast ride' today

We put the Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering kit for our R1200RTW to the test with a 429 km ‘breakfast ride’ today

After Phil installed the Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering kit on my 2014 BMW R1200RTW, it only took the twenty minute ride home to notice the new footpeg position was MUCH friendlier to my creaky right hip.

But I had no idea this seemingly minor ‘tweak’ to the rider triangle of my R1200RTW would make such a significant improvement.

After our weekly Saturday morning breakfast with motorcycle friends, I led a group on my annual tour of central Alberta.  The BMW Navigator V GPS says I traveled 429 km, with a ‘Moving Time’ of 4 h 42 min.

That was plenty of saddle time to prove the Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering kit was an excellent choice for my particular application.

My previous two motorcycles, a 2007 Honda GL1800A Gold Wing and a 2012 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX, both with relatively spacious arrangement for the rider’s triangle – the relative position of the handlebars, saddle and footpegs – had caused me pain in my right hip.

I surmised the hip pain was caused by the angle of my right leg, measured from the saddle to the right footpeg.  The 2014 R1200RTW caused the same pain, and on all three bikes, the onset of pain could be in as little as twenty minutes of riding.  The only way to get relief of the hip pain was to extend my right leg straight, aimed forward – not the most advisable activity while operating a motorcycle.

After today’s 4 h 42 min. in the saddle, I was downright amazed that for the first time in years, I could ride with absolutely no discomfort in my right hip.

In all the years I’ve been a motorcyclist, this peg lowering kit is easily the best modification I’ve ever made to a motorcycle, and the one that has exponentially increased the bike’s long distance touring capability for my body’s idiosyncrasies.  In short, the new, lower footpeg position is brilliant!  I couldn’t be happier with the new found level of comfort the RT now has for me.  This change has now expanded the R1200RTW’s long distance touring capabilities even further.

A footpeg lowering kit may not be the answer for every rider who suffers leg, knee or hip pain, but it solved my particular problem.



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