Bite Grocerateria Restaurant, Calgary, AB

Bite is a grocerateria with a restaurant inside, located in the Inglewood-Ramsay neighbourhood, Calgary.

Bite is a grocerateria with a restaurant inside, located in the Inglewood-Ramsay neighbourhood, Calgary

My cousin Dave invited Dad, Ingrid and me for lunch at Bite, a trendy, ‘urban’ grocerateria on 9th Avenue S.E.

This is a foody’s island in east downtown/inner city Calgary.  It’s in a relatively new building that also houses a high end furniture store (their inventory looks very Italian) and an art gallery.

The decor of Bite’s Restaurant is clean, modern and simple.  With large windows allowing plenty of sunshine in, the atmosphere is relaxed, casual and ‘urban’, just what you’d expect located on 9th Ave along with all the antique shops in the area.  Bite also has a bakery inside so you can grab a coffee and pastry in while away your time, just like they do at coffee shops in Europe.

Inside the Bite supermarket there’s a very nice cafeteria-style restaurant.  You place your order and pay at a cash register, get a table number marker, and your order is delivered to your table.

Bite Restaurant’s menu is a little confusing.  The menus are printed on large signs.  For lunch, Dave recommended the Beef Brisket Reuben sandwich ($12.99 if I recall correctly), which includes one side order.

The confusing part is the Side Orders (such as fries, sweet potato fries, soup, etc.) are listed separately and each ‘side’ shows a price.  The tricky part is you don’t get charged for the side if it comes with your sandwich; the price for ‘sides’ is posted if you want to purchase it separately, but there’s nothing to tell you that.

Bite Restaurant's Beef Brisket Ruben sandwich

Bite Restaurant’s Beef Brisket Reuben sandwich

Dave, having eaten at Bite on previous occasions, said the Beef Brisket Reuben sandwich would and accompanying side order would be sufficient for two people, so Ingrid and I shared it for lunch.

The Beef Brisket Reuben sandwich was perfect for us, with a very generous serving of beef brisket, interestingly topped with red cabbage sauerkraut.  The side order we selected was a bowl of soup, and when it came, it was the same size as Dad’s bowl which he ordered as a stand alone item.

All in all, Bite Restaurant is a terrific addition to the 9th Avenue urban scene.  If there’s a complaint, it’s parking, which may be difficult to find on weekends.

Bite Restaurant1023-9th Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB.  Open 9:00 AM-7:00 PM; Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day


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