Classic rematch – BMW R90S vs Norton Commando

For motorcyclists of a certain age (you know who you are), there are two superbikes from the 1970s we all wish we had sitting in our garage – a BMW R90S and Norton Commando.

As a self-proclaimed bookworm, I’d love to read and have in my hands copies of motorcycle reviews of those two legendary bikes so I could read and re-read the tests.  But I don’t have those rare magazines.

To my joy, I’ve found that Cycle World magazine has published a side-by-side test of the forty-something year old bikes, penned by Peter Egan, who, in my opinion is the greatest auto/moto journalist ever.

Egan and Cycle World editor Mark Hoyer ride the two classic motorcycles and compare notes.  It’s a sweet, sweet story.

Read the full Cycle World feature here.


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