Ragazzi Bistro Italiano, Edmonton

Ragazzi Bistro Italiano, Edmonton

Ragazzi Bistro Italiano, Edmonton

Is there such a thing as a ‘bad’ pizza?  Not in my opinion.

I don’t get pizza often, so it’s always a treat for me.

Ragzzi Bistro Italiano has been recommended to me by friends, but it’s taken me a while to get there.  This Italian restaurant is a long time fixture in Edmonton.

"Raging Bull" thin crust pizza

“Raging Bull” thin crust pizza.  Spicy!

We ordered the “Raging Bull” thin crust pizza ($28, Large), rated as one of the ‘spicy’ offerings on the menu.  The Raging Bull is topped with pepperoni, salami, ham, sausage, bacon and banana peppers.

On a Thursday night and the restaurant moderately busy, service was prompt, friendly and efficient.

The thin crust pizza had a nice, crisp crust, but my dining companion found the banana peppers too hot for his liking and ended up picking them off.

I’m not the biggest fan of thin crust pizza, but this was good.  The heat level provided by the banana peppers tested the upper limits of what I prefer.  By comparison, the Regazzi pizza doesn’t quite match my benchmark for thin crust pizza in the city.  My favourite is still the Italian Centre Shop across from West Edmonton Mall.

Regazzi Bistro Italiano, 8110-82nd Avenue, Edmonton; Tel.  780-414-0500.


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