Co Do Hue Vietnamese Restaurant, Edmonton

IMG_0001 (1)Co Do Hue (pronounced KOH DOH RAY, according to the proprietor) is a little Vietnamese eatery in Edmonton’s west end.

The proprietor said its their third outlet in the city, and this location in a neighbourhood strip mall 9524-163rd Street opened about nine months ago.

This eatery is small, clean and decorated in modern furnishings, and is cafeteria style.

That means you order and pay at the counter, find a table and when your order is ready, a server brings it to you.

There are large menus mounted on the wall and the restaurant has a colour menu to page through so you can see what some of the various dishes look like.  That’s great for us, as we’re not very familiar with Vietnamese cuisine.

Wor wonton soup, $14.95

Wor wonton soup, $14.95

We arrive for a late lunch.  It’s after 1:00 PM and there are four groups seated at different tables, and three of the groups are Asian customers.  That’s a good sign.

Ingrid orders the Wor Wonton soup ($14.95); this is a traditional Chinese dish, but that’s ok if they want to sell it as a Vietnamese item.

The portion is huge, and filled with wonton (boiled pork dumplings in thin, egg and flour ‘skins’), shrimp, chicken, tripe, mysterious meat ‘sausage’ strips, Chinese vegetables served with a flavourful chicken broth.  Ingrid likes it a lot.

"One colour" (one choice) La Lot grilled meat with tropical leaf and 2 spring rolls with vermicelli noodles, $11.95

“2 colours” (2 items) vermicelli noodle bowl.  La Lot grilled beef wrapped with tropical leaf and 2 spring rolls, $11.95

I order the #12 (“2 Colours”), meaning 2 items with my vermicelli bowl.  I select the grilled La Lot (grilled beef wrapped in tropical leaves) and 2 Spring Rolls.

The grilled La Lot comes as 6 halves; the portion of meat is about the size of 3 large boiled eggs sliced lengthwise.  Typical of the Vietnamese vermicelli bowls I’ve had in past, the dish is served with peanuts, fresh bean sprouts garnished with fresh mint and hot peppers, and thinly sliced carrots, into which you pour in a bowl of sweet, tangy fish sauce served in a separate bowl.

Like the Wor Wonton soup Ingrid ordered, my vermicelli bowl is huge.  Really, each of our dishes is sufficient for two people.

Everything is good.  The Spring Rolls are crisp and hot, and the grilled beef La Lot is flavoured with a spice I’m not familiar with.  The ‘tropical leaf’ wrapping is thin and barely noticeable that you’re eating it, but adds a noticeably unique and tasty flavour.

The dish portions are too large for Ingrid and me to finish so we ask for a container.  There is enough Wor Wonton soup and left over vermicelli noodles for a complete serving for an adult and we take it home for ‘leftovers.’

All in all, Co Do Hue is a good experience and we’ll return, although next time, we’ll be more reasonable and share a main course.




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