Park-N-Move motorcycle dolly

Park-N-Move motorcycle dolly from AdMore Lighting in Canada

Park-N-Move motorcycle dolly from AdMore Lighting in Canada comes with a non-slip adhesive backed sheet which requires the owner to apply

I’ve got a storage problem when it comes to parking my BMW R1200RT.

My single, attached garage is where I stockpile all the stuff one accumulates in life.  Where else do you store the lawn mower, snow blower, bicycles, and boxes and boxes of other ‘important’ stuff, not only belonging to our household, but to a daughter that pulled up stakes and working abroad?

Maximizing the available space it while accommodating a full-size touring motorcycle is a challenge.

To the rescue is the motorcycle dolly, fitted with four caster wheels.

We’ve seen the Park-n-Move motorcycle dolly online and originally, manufactured and sold in the United States.  Now, AdMore Lighting (in Calgary, AB) is the Canadian distributor of this handy device, and surprisingly, the version they sell is manufactured in Alberta.

The online price for the Park-n-Move dolly is $303.00 Canadian dollars (including free shipping), but we bought ours at a ‘special’ Edmonton Motorcycle Show price of $250 Cdn dollars, which also included free shipping.

Non-slip sheet ‘installation’

The Park-n-Move looks sturdy, and is made of steel with 4 locking caster wheels.  It arrived fully assembled except for a sheet of non-slip, adhesive backed paper, which looks like industrial grade sandpaper.

The owner must affix the non-slip sheet; there are no instructions, but it’s obvious what to do.

I took the extra step of wiping the painted steel surface with rubbing alcohol moistened paper towel to remove any oil or dirt to ensure the adhesive would stick properly.  BE CAREFUL!  The adhesive is not forgiving and if you mistakenly stick it down, it’s difficult to peel off.

I carefully lined up the long edge of the non-slip paper with the long edge of the dolly, then gingerly laid the sheet down.  Press it down and it’s attached.

Using the Park-n-Move dolly

The 1-page instruction sheet recommends going to AdMore Lighting’s website to watch the video on how to hoist a motorcycle onto the dolly.  The video is short and very useful.

Interestingly, one DOES NOT lock the casters when lifting a bike onto the dolly.  The unlocked casters allows the dolly to easily slide on the floor while the bike is raised on its centrestand.

It took me 3 tries to get the RT onto the dolly.  Look at the photo below carefully and the tang that attaches to the centrestand was hitting the arm holding the left rear caster.  After some trial and error, I was able to locate the dolly so the tang would clear the dolly’s left rear arm when the centrestand was deployed.

The Park-n-Move dolly allows one to easily roll the approx. 630 lbs. 2014 BMW R1200RT to one side of a single car garage

The Park-n-Move dolly allows one to easily roll the approx. 630 lbs. 2014 BMW R1200RT to one side of a single car garage

All in all, the Park-n-Move is a useful accessory for motorcyclists who need to move a bike around a storage space.

Contrary to what you might think, the Park-n-Move dolly is not redundant to the TurnCycle motorcycle turntable I acquired last year.

The TurnCycle motorcycle turntable is not redundant to the Park-n-Move dolly

The TurnCycle motorcycle turntable and Park-n-Move dolly are not redundant pieces of equipment

The TurnCycle turntable is designed so you can ride into your garage or parking space, slide the unit under your bike, deploy the bike’s centrestand onto the disc, and rotate your motorcycle so you can ride out the way you came in.  I find using the TurnCycle disc  easier and faster to use than the Park-n-Move dolly (because of the extra time I need to make sure the RT’s centrestand tang clears the leg of the Park-n-Move.)

To me, these are different devices that have quite different purposes.

The Park-n-Move dolly is a well built piece of equipment that is well priced; it should last a lifetime.  It solves a problem many motorcycle owners face – how to easily move a large, heavy motorcycle in tight confines.  The Park-n-Move dolly is a very, very good solution to that problem.




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