Subaru issues “Service Campaign” for 2015 WRX and 2014-15 2.0 XT Forester

Subaru Canada's 'Service Campaign WQW-58' for 2015 WRX and certain 2014-15 2.0 XT Foresters

Subaru Canada’s ‘Service Campaign WQW-58’ for 2015 WRX and certain 2014-15 2.0 XT Foresters

Subaru Canada has issued a “Service Campaign” notice to owners of 2015 WRX and ‘certain’ 2014 and 2015 2.0 XT Forester models.

The service campaign is for 2.0-litre turbocharged engines, and Subaru says it’s developed a modification to the Engine Control Module.  The modification requires owners to take their vehicles to a Subaru dealer to reprogram the ECM, which according to the notice, will take approximately 3 hours.

Description of the problem

Subaru Canada’s notice says, “Under certain high engine load driving conditions, engine combustion may occur prior to spark ignition resulting in elevated cylinder temperatures and pressures.  This could cause a rough idle and engine noise, and if left unaddressed it could lead to excessive erosion of the spark plugs and possible engine damage.”

Our interpretation

Subaru’s ‘fix’ appears to be to reprogram the WRX’s and 2.0 XT Foresters’ ECM to retard spark ignition.

We called our Subaru dealer to book an appointment, and the booking clerk said today (March 10, 2016) was the first day she has received calls from customers to book service appointments to address the ECM program’s issue.

She also said she is booking a maximum of 3 vehicles (requiring approximately 3 hours of time for each vehicle) per day at this dealership.

This ‘repair’ is being undertaken at no cost to Subaru owners.

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