Back it goes – Nolan N91 returned due to manufacturer’s defect

New Nolan N91 helmet gets sent back to retailer

New Nolan N91 helmet gets sent back to retailer

I’m a flaky customer.  I ordered a new Nolan N91 flip-up (modular) helmet from Canada’s Motorcycle, because there are no Nolan dealers in Northern Alberta.

I love Nolan helmets.  They fit my so-called ’round oval’ head shape, similar in fit to the HJC Symax II and Symax 3, and the old Schuberth C2.

And I’ve had good luck with Nolan flip ups; I’ve owned and enjoyed the N100, N102 and most recently, the N90.  I thought the new N91 (in Medium) would fit the same as my current N90 (Medium), but the new N91 was just the tiniest bit snugger.

Ok, to be fair, just maybe I’ve put some weight on over the winter and my cheeks got fatter?  Anyway, I procrastinated – should I keep the N91 Medium or send it back for a Large?  I delayed my decision until yesterday and tried it on for one final fitting, attempting to decide to keep it or sell it/return it.

On this final trial, the chin bar mechanism failed to lock when I had it on.  The chin bar would close and lock correctly when I tried it without wearing it, and it worked fin when I tried it with daughter Jenn (whose head is slightly smaller), but it wouldn’t close and lock when I had it on.

After a few emails back and forth to Canada’s Motorcycle customer service departments, they directed me to send the helmet back to them.  The customer service department emailed me a pre-paid postage/mailing label, which I printed at Staples.

I sent the helmet back first thing this morning and Canada’s Motorcycle’s service rep said once they receive the helmet, I’ll get a refund and can then order a new product.

Now I have to decide on what helmet to buy.





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