2016 Ford F150 4×4 Limited – Review

Pickup trucks.  Sheesh, for a self-proclaimed ‘Car Guy’ like me, pickup trucks aren’t on my radar.

Mostly, I see pickup trucks as inefficient, gas guzzling, oversize rolling masses of steel that pepper the roadways and are simply ‘there’.  I often find myself wondering, ‘why would anybody own such a vehicle?’  They’re big, hard to park, use too much gas, no fun to drive, and on and on and on. . .

Now, I ‘get’ the whole truck ‘thing!’  A new 2016 Ford F150 4×4 Limited arrived for testing, and it was loaded to the gills with just about every luxury option one could possibly imagine.  The F150 was gloriously sumptuous, and for those who know me, I’m a luxury pig.  I revel in and take great joy in rolling in comfort.

Our 2016 F150 4-door Limited felt like a big 4×4 limo, except one with a box on the back.

And the luxurious truck’s pricing reflected it.  Base price was jaw dropping $75,499 and a host of additional ‘extras’, including a gorgeous pearl white paint, electronic locking 3.31 rear axle, skid plates, floor mats, wheel well liner and spray-in bed liner and destination charge jacked the MSRP up to $79,549.  That, my friends, puts this ‘truck’ solidly in E-Class Mercedes-Benz territory.

But whooo, boy, is this ‘truck’ gorgeous.  The Limited model was fitted with two really impressive features.  The first is the power-operated running boards that slide out automatically when you open the doors.  This provides a step which greatly eases entry to the tall vehicle.  Second is the F150’s interior, which was fitted with a lusciously decadent black and ‘mojave’ leather interior.  When Ingrid – who almost NEVER comments on test vehicles – slid into the passenger seat for the first time, she almost cooed, saying, “Ooooooh, is this interior ever nice.  It’s almost like living room furniture!”


I’ll make no bones about it, but after scooting around in the family’s compact size Subaru WRX, the F150 feels big.  It is big, but easy to drive.  From the driver’s seat, the view is high and commanding; that’s one of the things people like about driving pickups – the excellent view of the road the vehicle provides.

Plus, the front end of the Ford is dominated by a large, flat hood and one can easily see the front corners of the truck.  That’s another big plus.

We tested the F150 using it as a daily driver, and in that role, it performs admirably.  The ride is impressively luxurious.  This so-called ‘truck’ rides like a big limousine, and if blindfolded, one could easily imagine one was being ferried about in a Lincoln.  Really, it’s THAT impressive.

The EcoBoost 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 engine is smooth, torquey and powerful.  The 6-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly, and I found myself really enjoying the driving experience.  One learns to brake early, then tippy-toeing around corners to drive the vehicle the way it should be.  Just imagine driving with royalty as passengers, and the F150 performs just fine.

One thing we observed was how good the Sony audio system was.  We noted this a few years ago when testing a new Ford Flex which was also equipped with a Sony branded head unit and speakers.  I’d argue the Sony audio systems that Ford is specing in its top line models are just about the best sounding available this side of the premium luxury car segment.

Convenient loading

Trucks are meant to work, and even though this F150 was the top of the line Limited model, it has features that make it surprisingly livable for a non-truck guy like me.  We filled the cargo bed with a load for our local recycling centre and Ford has cleverly designed into the tailgate a retractable step and grab handle, so climbing into the back of the truck is safe and easy.  Very nice.


$80,000 dollars for a pickup truck seems expensive.  It is.  But now I get it.  This truck will appeal to those who need a truck for hauling or towing heavy loads, and there will be those drivers whose pickup trucks are their field offices.  If you’re going to spend 10-12 hours a day in your truck/field office, why not immerse yourself in a luxurious environment.

If you need and love trucks, you’ll love the F150.  Consider this ‘Car Guy’ converted.  For its intended purpose, the 2016 F150 is one handsome and impressive vehicle.


  • Luxurious interior
  • Superbly comfortable ride
  • Excellent EcoBoost engine/transmission


  • Price – $80,000 dollars.  Really?
  • Changing the vehicle information display could be easier



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