2014 BMW R1200RTW impresses with outstanding fuel economy



I admit to being a fuel economy geek.  Fuel economy is one measure of a vehicle’s performance that is indisputable.  Some bikes do better than others.  The latest generation of BMW’s liquid-cooled 1200 cc flat-twin is for me a perfect match for the iconic German tourer, the R1200RTW.

The engine is rated at a stout (for a 2-cylinder engine) 125 horsepower (take THAT, Harley-Davidson owners!), and it has plenty of torque, making roll-on passing in top (6th) gear an effortless proposition.

We recently did a 5-day mini-tour, covering some 3,000 plus kilometres, riding from Edmonton into Montana and Idaho, then back to Edmonton.

For the few of us who are interested in our motorcycles’ performance as MEASURED by fuel consumption (with kilometres measured by the bike’s trip meter, not GPS, Phil.)  🙂

Overall trip average measured over 3,032 km, 4.8 l/100 km, 59.5 Imp mpg 
Best mileage, 4.4 l/100 km, 64.2 Imp mpg (2 tanks!  Lolo to St. Maries and St. Maries to Eureka)
Worst mileage, 4.9 l/100 km, 57.6 Imp mpg, Edmonton to Nanton
Keen-eyed readers will see the best fuel economy was achieved in the twisties.  The big RT achieved a remarkable 4.4 l/100 km (64.2 Imp mpg) from Lolo, MT (near Missoula) running through the scenic Lolo Pass and the sinewy roads around St. Maries, MT.
Theoretical range of the RT, assuming the best fuel economy (4.4 l/100 km) and the Beemer’s large, 25 litre fuel tank, gives an outstanding touring range of 522 km (with 2 litres remaining) or for the extremely courageous, 545 km (with 1 litre remaining.)  But can you really last that long without peeing?
Overall, the 2014 BMW R1200RTW’s performance was admirable.  Now, if we could only improve the performance of its rider.


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