2016 Schnitzel Run – Part 3 conclusion

Edmonton area motorcyclists parked at destination, the Konkolville Motel near Idaho's hidden gem Hwy P1, 50 plus kilometres of the sweetest swervery you'll ever encounter

Edmonton area riders parked at destination, the Konkolville Motel near Idaho’s hidden gem Hwy P1, 50 plus kilometres of the sweetest motorcycle swervery you’ll ever encounter

From Cranbrook, our group of riders depart in various groups.  Our companions are spread out over a number of local motels, and they roll out at different times.

The ride from Cranbrook south to the U.S. border crossing is something we’ve done numerous times, and once in Sandpoint, ID, we make our traditional mid-morning “second breakfast” stop at the family-run Panhandler Pies and Bakery Restaurant.  We’ve made this stop for the last few years, and on Canada’s Victoria Day long weekend, there’s a car show in town.  As we enter the restaurant, the servers recognize us as ‘the BMW motorcycle riders from Edmonton.’  Some of our group has already arrived and they continue to arrive in the small groups.

I’m trying hard these days to watch my diet.  I’ve eliminated soft drinks from my diet; we all know sugar is the current ‘evil’ food stuff.  Of course, for my second breakfast, I order a nice slice of lemon meringue pie.  Pies are THE reason for visiting Panhandler Pies, and I’m not disappointed.

Kawasaki Concours C14 rider, Dave G. riding with a herd of BMWs in Idaho

Kawasaki Concours C14 rider, Dave G. riding with a herd of BMWs in Idaho

After our second breakfast (or pie, for some of us), our group continues riding south through Coeur D’Alene.  Riding through this small city triggers complaints from almost every rider.  The highway runs through the city and there is stop light after stop light on this major thoroughfare.  Our stop-and-go pace is infuriatingly slow, and one has to wonder who’s responsible for traffic engineering in the city.

Still, this part of Idaho is beautiful.  Continuing south to Saint Maries is a motorcycling treat, and this part of the state has some of the nicest motorcycle roads anywhere.

But the piece de resistance is the sweet, twisty Hwy (perhaps just a ‘road’) P1, with some 50 kilometres of slow and medium speed turns, mostly through dense forest.  This feels like a very nicely paved logging road.  While it ends in Orofino, it seems like a road that goes from nowhere to nowhere.  Running P1 from west (Kendrick) to east (Orofino), there are elevation changes on mostly smooth pavement.  There are a few tricky bits that may surprise the inattentive rider – the odd bits of gravel mid-turn likely dragged onto the roadway by trailers not staying on the pavement through turns and one ‘surprise’ (without the usual warning sign) sharp 90-degree right turn after a blind crest.

Konkolville Motel

We arrive at our final destination for many of our group who will overnight at the Konkolville Motel.  We’ve heaped praise on this little motel previously.  Owners Joseph and Sherry Chapman welcome us, and their motel offers something very special – a $16.99 USD BBQ-it-yourself steak dinner with a baked potato and salad.  Our group has a time slot where the commercial gas barbecues are ‘reserved’ for us, and Joseph brings out huge, seasoned steaks for each person to cook to their own liking.

Some of our friends have stayed here 6 or 7 times since discovering this lodging gem a few years ago.

During our barbecue, we’re subjected to a torrential rainfall.  Luckily, the BBQs are located under a covered structure and Joseph opens up the motel’s party kitchen for us to finish our meals.

The 12 or so riders head off in different directions, some riding north, home to Edmonton, while Robyn and I continue westbound for the Seattle area.

Our 2016 Schnitzel Run started off in extreme cold and rain, but that has never deterred the hard core group of riders who’ve happily participated in the first ‘big’ ride of the season.

Of course, we’ll do it again next year. Schnitzel, pie and steak – on a motorcycle tour good friends.  What more could one ask for?  Life is good.




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