Glacier’s Edge Cafe, Babb, MT

Glacier's Edge Cafe, Babb, Montana

Glacier’s Edge Cafe, Babb, Montana

At first glance, motorcycle touring is a pretty simple activity.  You choose a destination, load up your bike, and go.

Underneath that simplicity are layers of complexity, especially if you’re touring with other riders.  The people you’re traveling with have their own personalities, and like all of us, idiosyncrasies, some of which may be amusing and tolerable, others of which may be infuriating.

If you’re lucky, you develop friendships with people whose company you enjoy (and can tolerate) over days of travel and whose judgment you learn to trust without question.

One of those people is my good friend Robyn.  Apart from having a professional background in common, we have similar temperaments and preferences when it comes to touring.  We tend to like long distance travel, we share a preference for a sport-touring pace instead of the frenetic redline-it-bang-down-a-gear-trailbrake-redline-it-again school of touring, and importantly, we’re both dyed-in-the-wool ‘foodies.’

After crossing the U.S. border into Montana last week, Robyn ‘suggested’ we ride through Babb, Montana.  “There’s a great little cafe there”, he dangled in front of me.  I trust his food recommendations without question, and that was enough of a lure for me.  I bit the lure, hook, line and sinker.

Babb is a hamlet on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.  There’s not much in town except for the Glacier’s Edge Cafe and a gas station.

Small town U.S. diners like the Glacier's Edge Cafe retain the classic counter food service, quaint and a rare sight in Canada

Small town U.S. diners like the Glacier’s Edge Cafe retain the classic counter food service, quaint and a rare sight in Canada

The Glacier’s Edge Cafe has a Cuban Sandwich on their menu.  I hadn’t heard of a Cuban Sandwich until I saw it featured on a cooking show on TV.  No surprise, the Cuban population in the U.S. is significant compared to Canada.

The Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich is an interpretation of the ham and cheese sandwich.  The difference is the Cuban Sandwich uses slices of roast pork (instead of ham), Swiss cheese, and slices of dill pickle garnished with mustard on Cuban bread and heated through on a grill much in the style of an Italian panini.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Cuban Sandwich on the menu of an American eatery close to the Canadian border.  I had to have it.  It came with a bowl of coleslaw and the sandwich was perfect, crusty on the outside, with warmed pork and cheese on the inside and the thin slices of dill pickle adding tang and crunch (about $11.00 USD.)  Lunch perfection!

The Glacier’s Edge Cafe on the main street through Babb, MT.:  highly recommended.  We’ll be back!




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