Orofino, ID to Seattle, WA – After the Schnitzel Run


At Orofino, ID our Schnitzel Tour for 2016 is officially over.

For the past 6 or 7 years, we’ve made the trek from Edmonton to Cranbrook, BC for schnitzel.  After the Schnitzel Run officially ends in Cranbrook, some of us have added on another few days of riding.

This year, we chosen to ride south to the beautiful motorcycling roads around Orofino, a small town built along the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Aka Hwy 12, the Lewis and Clark Trail runs east-west across Idaho and whenever somebody makes up a list, it always scores as one of the best ‘driving’ roads in America.

On Day 3 of our ride, most of our companions wheel northbound back to the Canadian border and home to Edmonton.

Robyn and I break from the pack and point our wheels west for the Seattle area.  In a couple days, we have appointments at Rich’s Custom Seats in Kingston, WA for new made-to-measure saddles for our R1200RTs.

“Sorry.  We do not rent to locals.” sign at the front desk of the Yakima Valley Hotel and Conference Centre

Our next stop is Yakima, WA.  This is a small city in the heart of Washington State’s agricultural region; apples and hops are two of the major products from here.  The Yakima Valley is much like B.C.’s Okanagan, arid and desert-like.

We pull into the Yakima Valley Hotel and Conference Center where we have reserved a room.  We’ve stayed here before when it was branded as a Clarion Hotel.  At the front desk there’s a sign perched on the counter that reads something like, “Sorry.  We do not rent to locals.”  Hmmm, I wonder what that’s all about.  I suppose if you have a hotel business surrounded by Yakimaniacs (I guess that’s what Yakima residents are called, LOL), then the sign makes complete sense.

There seem to be a lot of Mexican restaurants in this part of Washington, so we ask for recommendation, and the front desk clerk directs us to El Mirador.  When we arrive, the large restaurant is quiet, but the customers look to be mostly of Mexican origin – a good sign.

Supper entre at El Mirador, Yakima, WA

Supper entre at El Mirador, Yakima, WA.  There are thick slices of ham under that sauce

“What’s your favourite dish here?”, I ask our server.  She tells me and I order it.  When it arrives, there’s a cheesy sauce slathered over thick slices of ham served with rice.  It’s a much heartier dish than I expected, and for me, was more filling than memorable.  Still, I find it’s always an adventure to try unfamiliar food.

Coffee stop

Coffee stop in Washington en route to Seattle

We call a taxi to drive us back to our hotel, and in the morning, after the typical in-hotel ‘Continental breakfast’, we depart Yakima.

I’m still curious about the, “Sorry.  We don’t rent to locals.” sign inside the hotel.  Yakimaniacs must be party animals.






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